PTE academic exam – Previous exam questions with answers and exam format

PTEBABA is created to help students practice PTE previous exam questions and achieve their dream score. This website contains hundreds of PTE previous exam questions with answers and pte exam format. Students can access this website and questions completely free. Our aim is to help as many students as possible to attain their dream score. Please refer to our tips section for detailed tips on each section.

PTE Exam Format – 2019

PTE Academic test consists of 4 sections –





The duration of the test is for three hours with 10 minutes optional break.
Test consists of 20 different types of question formats, which can be seen in below mentioned chart.

We suggest students to download this exam format chart and refer to it while preparing for the PTE academic exam.

PTE exam pattern

PTE Academic Exam – Registration Process

In order to appear for this test, the candidates first need to register themselves on the Pearson PTE Academic official website. PTE registration is very easy. Follow below steps and register on the website.

  • First, the applicants need to visit the home page and click on the ‘Book Now’ button.
  • Now, the applicant should click on the ‘Create Account’ and enter all the required details.
  • Applicant will receive an email with their login details. Please check spam box if you haven’t received your credentials within one hour.
  • After receipt of credentials, applicant need to sign in using the username & password and schedule their test by selecting the preferred test centre, test date & time.
  • Now, the candidates need to make the required payment to book their slot for PTE test and complete their application process.
  • As payment need to be made in USD, candidate need to have card which accepts forex transactions.

PTE Academic Exam – Test Fees

To complete the booking of test slot for the PTE exam, the applicants need to pay INR 13,300 as the PTE test fee. However, the applicants need to pay INR 16,625 as the late booking price if the booking for the test is delayed. Please note all payments will be processed in USD only, so please make sure your card accepts foreign transactions.

PTE Academic Exam – Results

All candidates receive their PTE score within 5 business days of the test. PTE score of a candidate ranges between 10 to 90 on a granular scale. This PTE score includes the overall score of the candidate, communicative skills scores and enabling skills scores. Highlighted below are a few important points that a candidate must know regarding the PTE result.

  • The candidates receive an email that lets them know that their scorecards are ready and they can access their score report by signing into their Pearson PTE Academic account. Given below are the steps to be followed to view PTE score.

Step 1: Candidate needs to sign in to their account by using their username and password and click on ‘View Score Reports’ link.

Step 2: A new window opens where the candidates must click on ‘View’ for the score that they wish to see.

Step 3: The score is displayed in PDF format which the candidates can download.

  • The institutes where candidates are applying can only view PTE scores when the candidates send them their score via the Pearson website. However, no additional fee is charged from the candidates for sending their scores to as many organisations as they wish.
  • The candidates need to understand their PTE score. The overall PTE score shows the overall performance of a candidate in the Pearson Test of English. As for communicative skills score, it is based on the test taker’s ability shown in the questions that are related to listening, reading, speaking and writing skills. The enabling skills score is based on the candidate’s performance in questions that focus on grammar, oral fluency, pronunciation, spelling, vocabulary and written discourse.
  • If a candidate feels unsatisfied with his/her PTE score, he/she can retake the test. However, the candidates can book for the retest at least 5 days after their previous attempt.
  • The candidates can also request for the rescore if they feel their score is not up to the mark, though they can not ask for the rescore if they have applied for a retest.