Read aloud – 09-15-2019

  • Read this text aloud as naturally and clearly as possible.

Question – 1:

Akimbo, this must be one of the odder-looking words in the language and puzzles us in part because it doesn’t seem to have any relatives. What’s more, it is now virtually a fossil word, until recently almost invariably found in arms akimbo, a posture in which a person stands with hands on hips and elbows sharply bent outward, one that signals impatience, hostility or contempt.

Question -2:

Domestication is an evolutionary, rather than a political, development. It is certainly not a regime humans imposed on animals some 10,000 years ago. Rather, domestication happened when a small handful of especially opportunistic species discovered through Darwinian trial and error that they were more likely to survive and prosper in an alliance with humans than on their own.

Question – 3:

Located at the heart of two world famous cities, Liverpool and London, Liverpool’s excellence in teaching, learning and research, first-class facilities and outstanding support places the university in the top 1% of universities worldwide. The University of Liverpool will provide you with an inspiring student experience, in a diverse international community.

Question – 4:

According to Guinness World Records, the longest reticulated python in captivity is Medusa, who lives in Kansas City, US. She is 25ft. Natusch lists several species that are said to exceed the reticulated python record for length. These include the Australian scrub python, African rock python and probably the best known: the green anaconda.

Question – 5:

Avalanche is rapidly descending large mass of snow, ice, soil, rock, or mixtures of these materials, sliding or falling in response to the force of gravity. Avalanches, which are natural forms of erosion and often seasonal, are usually classified by their content such as a debris or snow avalanche.

Question – 6:

Many papers you write in college will require you to include quotes from one or more sources. Even if you don’t have to do it, integrating a few quotes into your writing can add life and persuasiveness to your arguments. The key is to use quotes to support a point you’re trying to make rather than just include them to fill space.

Question -7:

Since 2003, borrowing for education advanced faster, in percentage terms, than all other types of consumer debt that includes mortgages, auto loans and credit cards, data from the Federal Reserve Bank of New York show. As of the fourth quarter, student loans represented 10.5 percent of a record $13.1 trillion in household debt, up from 3.3 percent at the start of 2003.

Question – 8:

The main production of soft drink was stored in 1830’s & since then from those experimental beginning, there was an evolution until in 1781 when the worlds first cola-flavored beverage was introduced.These drinks were called soft drinks, only to separate them from hard alcoholic drinks. Today, soft drink is more favorite refreshment drink than tea, coffee, juice etc.

Question – 9:

Plato often discusses the father-son relationship and the question of whether a father’s interest in his sons has much to do with how well his sons turn out. In ancient Athens, a boy was socially located by his family identity, and Plato often refers to his characters in terms of their paternal and fraternal relationships. Socrates was not a family man and saw himself as the son of his mother, who was apparently a midwife.

Question – 10:

Flags can be unifying to a country, and many times are. A country that can look to its flag flown high above the landscape in times of trouble and remember that the country will go on. People that have never met before can feel unity towards one another knowing that they’re part of the same country and fly the same flag.

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