Retell lecture – 09-18-2019

Question – 1:

The speaker gives us information about the hadron collider, the biggest and most powerful machine in the world. She says that it is a 27km long giant machine and it creates 1.4 million times collisions per second. She also said its collision can create largest energy in man-made particle collision. She also mentions that this device can generate huge power to accelerate protons near the speed of light. Finally, she concludes by saying this is the biggest and powerful man-made machine.

Question – 2:

The speaker gives her opinion about the reasons of supporting open borders. Initially, she says that developed countries should open the gate for developing countries so that people from developing countries can get richer. Also, she mentions that open borders contribute to the economy of developing counties. Finally, the speaker indicates that developed countries should pay more attention to humanity and respect.

Question – 3:

The speaker talks about Edmund Wilson, an American writer, and critic who notably explored Freudian and Marxist themes. She says that he has influenced many American authors and edited their publication. She also mentions that he comes from a very different world in American culture. Finally, she concludes by saying he is a dedicated literary journalist.

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