PTE Writing: 5 factors to score 79+ in Essay writing

For both native and non-native speakers, writing an essay could be a difficult task. In PTE exam, you need to write one or two essays of 200 words. This article will discuss different approaches to write essay easily without any hassles.

  • Keep it simple:

One of the important factors while writing essay is to keep it simple. There are many tutorials available online, which advices students to include lot of fancy words and unnecessary things. In our experience, we found that two to three fancy words will be enough to score high in PTE essay task. Don’t try to include words that are irrelevant to the context or not used in regular context. This can impact your score drastically.

  • Plan before writing:

Many students start writing essay as soon as they see the question. This is bad way for writing an essay and many get struct in between. We suggest students to read the question prompt twice and understand it properly. Before attempting the essay, proper planning is very important. We advise students to write few sentences or keywords relevant to the question prompt and start writing essay connecting those keywords. In this way, students will be able to write long essays without any trouble.

  • Structure and word count:

Proper structure is very important to score high in PTE writing. An essay should consist introduction, two body paragraphs and a conclusion. Without following this structure, it is very difficult to score well in the exam. Also, we suggest students to maintain word count of minimum 250. We have observed that students who maintain minimum word count suggested by us and proper structure easily scored 79+ in PTE writing section.

  • Grammar:

Along with the proper structure and word count, PTE essay needs different types of grammatical sentences. To score 79+ in PTE essay writing, a typical essay needs two complex compound sentences and 4 to 5 compound sentences. If you can manage to include these sentence structures, you can easily score high in your PTE exam. You can find lot of articles on writing complex and compound sentences online. You can refer to them for gaining knowledge on sentence structures.

  • Include examples:

To support your statements or arguments, including examples in the body of essay. Examples can be like According to research conducted by famous university or you can include name of some university or research institution and support your statement/argument. We suggest students to include at least one example in body paragraph. By including examples, you can increase your word count easily and attain high score in PTE writing.

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